WTG: hood support shocks for e36 2dr

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WTG: hood support shocks for e36 2dr

Post by jcollins914 » Sat Jan 16, 2016 8:55 pm

WTG = wanted to give...

Is anyone nearby still rocking a 2dr E36?
If you do, you know that instead of a hood prop, the hood is lifted by a pair of struts, not unlike those that lift the hatch on a hatchback.

I ordered some for a 4dr, but I didn't, accidentally picking the ones from a 2dr. I installed them, they lifted the hood like a champ, ... The car is in the garage for a month or so while some more improvements take place... During its incarceration, the hood remained up for about a week. Meanwhile, the packaging went out w/ the recycling. When I went to lower the hood, it became obvious that they weren't the right ones, ... they're longer, and the hood would only almost close.

I have since ordered the right ones, and these will have to be surrendered. I bought the good ones even, you win! They held a hood up for a week, and have been idle since. I'm in hopes someone can use them... first come first serve. I live in Williston VT.


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