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FS: Some Subaru Stuff

Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 12:03 pm
by BugEyeRex
It is finally time to clean out the yard, basement and garage of all the excess Subaru stuff. I figured I will start here first then go more public. Without going into too much detail I will list some stuff. I can provide more detail if someone is interested.


2002 White WRX wagon. Good project car. Yes it runs. Has the usual body rust but the underneath is pretty good. It spent its life in Mass before it came to VT. Currently not inspected. Has CEL for evap. A few things modified. STI TMIC. 16g turbo. Some named aftermarket exhaust. Looking for $2000. Has around 250k.

2002 2.0 WRX stock motor. Already pulled. Complete with tdo4 and exhaust manifold.
Needs a seal kit put on it and a little love. Has about 125k on it. Looking for $1000.

Want to make a hydrid 2.0/2.5? I have the 2002 2.0L heads that were made to mate with a 2.5 block from the Mutt when it was a hybrid. The heads are good for the street but not good for a purpose built race car. There is some cracks. The heads worked extremely well on my hybrid for 7yrs of hillclimbing. The valves, springs etc. are not installed but I have them. Looking for $200.

2002 Blue WRX wagon. Motor is out. Willing to sell the rest or part stuff out.

Other things available but need to go through it.

All proceeds go to the Mutt's new motor.