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Supported picture sizes

Post by Shawn » Sun Jul 20, 2014 9:11 pm

So I don't know who to direct this question to but is there any way to easily change the settings for the forum to allow larger photos to be embedded? I've been cross posting my GTI thread here and an Audi site I'm on but it's really annoying having to write it twice.

If this is way harder than I'm acting like it is no worries I'll keep resizing stuff but it would be really nice. I guess I could just re upload through tapatalk... that might be easier than editing [IMG] tags.

Anyways thanks guys/ladies!

EDIT: please feel free to delete! :rock:
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Re: Supported picture sizes

Post by Rabbit Farmer » Mon Jul 21, 2014 4:29 pm

I know you wanted to delete your post (I think you are able to delete your own post, if I am not mistaken), but I think it is still a good question.

Currently, the forums allow images up to 1200px wide or tall.

We placed this limit to avoid someone posting a huge image.

But, as times change (i.e. speed of smartphones and internet connections), we have adjusted this limit in the past. So, the question for everyone else is this… does the 1200px width or height limit work? Is it a good size. The largest width that will show is the width of the post window (unsure what size this is); the post width will cut off the photo width.

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