Letter from the President in 2006 to SCCV in 2016

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Letter from the President in 2006 to SCCV in 2016

Post by Rabbit Farmer » Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:48 pm

Still so very true in 2016! Thank you to everyone who continues to make the SCCV events a success.


2006 SCCV "Downshifts" Newsletter


We the People of the Sports Car Club of Vermont, in order to form a more perfect club, establish rules &
regulations, to ensure good times for all, provide a safe & legal driving environment, promote good driving
skills, and secure sites for our events, pledge to step up to the plate and do what we can to assist our fellow

I’ve been doing this a long time since we got the club back together in 1998, with original drive and
organization by Andy Jones to bring the SCCV back from the dead. For whatever reason, before my time, the
club stopped being active, stopped having events and the members were absorbed with the rest of society with
weekends at home instead of behind the wheel. Welcome back!

I couldn’t be more pleased with the level of involvement by everyone in the club this year. From the high
numbers at our events, the over-whelming ‘stepping up to the plate to help’, and the good times during the
events, I would have to say we have had a very successful year.

The success of the club is dependent on the involvement of the membership. (If you aren’t picking up what I’m laying
down, I’m talking about you.) Over the past years more and more members have stepped up to organize the events.
We have all the event information in the public forums and encourage everyone to volunteer to chair/co-chair an event.
Just because you have never organized or chaired an event doesn’t mean you can’t. A wonderful way to learn how to
put together an autocross, for example, is to co-chair it with someone who has done it before. It isn’t difficult, it just
takes time and organization skills. Everyone is an equal in the SCCV. It is a democracy.

Perhaps you’re organizationally challenged. How about doing Tech, or Timing, or Registration, or getting to
the event on time to setup cones? What about writing an article for the Downshifts? Posting ideas and
suggestions in the forums? Have an idea for a different type of event? To make the events fun for everyone,
we need to ensure that the workload is spread out evenly. Another very important responsibility is for the
chair/co-chair to delegate. If there is a connection of “Can I help” with “Can you do ‘this’ for me” then we are
ahead of the game. Success will happen when everyone asks, “What can I do to help.”

Thank you for another great year with the SCCV.

Another verbosity induced rambling brought to you by….

Stephen Jones / “Rabbit Farmer” / #702
2006 SCCV President (drew the short straw)
Steve #702
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