Exhibit on History of Auto Racing in Milton

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Exhibit on History of Auto Racing in Milton

Post by Rabbit Farmer » Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:35 am

Vermont Humanities Grant Funds Exhibit on History of Auto Racing in Milton

We've awarded the Milton Historical Society and Museum a $1,000 grant for its project, The History of Racing in Milton. It's one of ten projects that recently received awards from our Grants program.

The project will capture the car racing frenzy in Milton from 1955-1987 at Catamount Stadium, which paralleled the historic rise of NASCAR nationwide. It will include a three-month series of talks, panel discussions, oral history opportunities, and exhibits of racing memorabilia.

Link to Milton His Soc: http://vermonthumanities.us12.list-mana ... eb8546d895


John Colt (was very active with SCCV a long time ago) sent me the above information with the following note:

Strange as it may seem, there was a time when there was an oval track in Milton.
Even stranger, SCCV held autocrosses there.

Now the place is an industrial park.

- JC
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