An easier view on Car Classing

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An easier view on Car Classing

Post by JHaas5 » Tue Sep 30, 2014 2:22 pm

Hello everyone, there has been quite a bit of confusion on car classing throughout the entire Autocross season and people have been, for lack of better terms "winging it" when it comes to classing their car for an event and have been improperly classing their car. While this might seem less important to someone only doing one event, it has negative affects towards people competing an entire season in their correct class. I dream of a season when all cars are classed correctly and can compete on a fair playing field. An argument can be made that the "information needed to correctly class their car" is not easy to find, so I have done my best to arrange a link to the stock 2013 SCCA Car Classing list by Manufacturer and it should be much easier now. Here is what I have compiled for everyone:

First understand how SCCV has our classes broken down:
Class 1- HS+0 points GS+7 points
Class 2- FS+0 points ES+7 points
Class 3- DS+0 points CS+7 points
Class 4- BS+0 points
Class 5- AS+0 points
Class 6- AS cars with +15 points or more of modifications
Class 7- Exhibition class (All participants not concerned with season points)
Class 8- All Novices regardless of car or modifications (Any novice can race their entire first season in this class)

Next, find out what your car is classed as completely stock with this link:

Once you have your car classed in its stock form, then you can start adding your modification points up. Every 15 points bumps you to the next class. Example: HS car with +16 points of mods will be a Class 2 +1 car. GS car with +16 points of mods will be a Class 2 +8 car. See how I got there?

Here is the list of modifications and the points they add:

1. DOT tires with a treadwear <80 +10,
2. Non DOT rated tires. +15
3. Tires of treadwidth equal to or greater than 30mm wider than stock +4

1. Seat removal F/R +2/+1
2. Gutted (removal of interior for significant weight reduction) Front/Rear +2/+2
3. Lightened hood +1
4. Lightened fenders +1
5. Lightened/Removed bumpers +2
7. Removed Air Conditioning +1

1. Engine swap - move car to donor's class or +7, whichever is greater (NOTE: Does not
entail displacement points)
2. Increased displacement +5
3. Naturally Aspirated to Forced Induction +10
4. Non-OE/Non-Stock carburetor or Fuel Injection +2
5. Non-OE/Non-Stock "Cat-back" exhaust system NA +1/Forced Induction +2
6. Removal of Catalytic Converter +1
7. Non-OE/Non-Stock exhaust header/downpipe +2
8. Any supercharger pulley change +4
9. Any upgraded or programmable engine management system including chips, piggy-back
controllers and handheld programmers--Naturally Aspirated +5
10. Any upgraded or programmable engine management system including chips, piggy-back
controllers and handheld programmers --Forced Induction +8
11. Any camshaft change and/or adjustable pulleys +3
12. Any head modifications (Including swaps, porting, polishing, etc.) +4
13. Non-OE/Non-Stock intercooler or intercooler tubing +2
14. Non-OE/Non-Stock turbo or supercharger +3
15. Non-OE/Non-Stock differential(s) +5
16. Non-OE/Non-Stock gears or gear ratios +3

1. Performance shocks +4
2. Performance springs +3
3. Full coil-over suspension +10
4. Change/Add anti-sway bars +3
5. Changes to suspension geometry via camber plates, slotting of chassis, etc. +5

1. Performance brake pads +1
2. Non-OEM brake parts or OE Parts from outside of base class +3

Hopefully this helps everyone class their car correctly for the future events. Thanks for reading and see you at the track!

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Re: An easier view on Car Classing

Post by darTTh audi » Mon Oct 06, 2014 7:14 pm

This is what I find on the link from the home page. ... assing.pdf
The break down of the classes doesn't match what you've got above for class 2 and 3.

Autocross Classifications

The following is the SCCV car classifications for Autocross events.
Please review carefully. The classification system is based on the SCCA stock classifications, but modified for SCCV use. Six groupings plus karts, novice, and ladies classes are provided. Points are added up for modifications, with 15 points bumping up one class, 30 points bumping two classes, etc. The Rules Steward will place cars not already classified into the most appropriate category. A car may be re-classed if deemed necessary by the Rules Steward on an as needed basis and at the Rules Steward's discretion.

Class 6 - All Class 5 vehicles in excess of 15 points, "Formula" cars.
Class 5 - SCCA A/SS [PAX > .851]
Class 4 - SCCA B [PAX .841 -- .850]
Class 3 - SCCA C/F [PAX .831 -- .840]
Class 2 - SCCA E/D [PAX .821 -- .830]
Class 1 - SCCA G/H [PAX < .810; G plus 7 points PAX .811 -- .820]

I remember Seth had looked up the PAX performance of the SCCA classes and aligned 1-5 accordingly.
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Re: An easier view on Car Classing

Post by WRX97 » Tue Nov 04, 2014 8:37 pm

So lets see if I understand this right...

a Subaru WRX is in class 3 stock

Add in a Accessport (Chip +8), Sway Bars (+3), and Performance Brake Pads (+1) = 12 + A potential downpipe by next spring (+2) = 14 potentially.

Car stays in class 3 correct?
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Re: An easier view on Car Classing

Post by Serrilion » Tue Nov 04, 2014 10:30 pm

Sam you would be right still in class 3 as your car is a DS so no points added to the class to start... Now if it were a CS class 3 u would have the +7 to start the class + you 14 points
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