RESULTS: 2016 Autocross Season Results

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Re: RESULTS: 2016 Autocross Season Results

Post by Rabbit Farmer » Mon Nov 07, 2016 11:47 pm

Rabbit Farmer wrote:Take a look at the linked document to make sure that I have correctly captured the official results (all results are official two weeks after they are posted).

The only changes I have made is to fix car numbers at events (i.e. 124 changed to 421) and names. If there was a duplicate number at an event, the person who seemed to be using it the post that year was given the number and everyone else was given a letter at the end. The results work from a combination of the car number and the name, hence the reason for this scrub of the data.

For the series, you need to drive in half of the events; we then determine class winners. ... oints.xlsx

This is a request for everyone on the club who is interested in the accuracy of the results to check out the points. This drives the trophy purchases/class winners.
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