SCCV Auto-x #11 saturday Oct 1st, at diamond run mall

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SCCV Auto-x #11 saturday Oct 1st, at diamond run mall

Post by ricker96 » Sun Sep 25, 2016 9:18 am

AUTO-X #11, saturday oct 1st, at the Diamond Run Mall, Rutland VT.


Preregistration: We ask that all drivers sign up ahead of the event, on Motorsports Registration, ... of-vermont

Second link posted below also!
It is possible to register at the event but It is very time consuming for us to have drivers registering at the event, and ultimately affects our start time.

Event Check In/Registration Opens at 8am 

Technical Inspection starts at 8am (please see guidelines below)

Drivers Meeting, Course Walk, Approximately 9 am 
Additional course walks if needed and first car start (~9:30)

Event Fees:
Pre-Registered Drivers - Through Motorsport Reg
$40.00 for Members 
$50.00 for non-members 

Finally we need WORKERS!!

Chair- Paul Dudley 
Co- Jeremy Haas  

Registrar- Orianna Prescott 
asst Registrar-

Tech inspector 1 - Tim Fournier 
Tech inspector 2-

Worker coordinator 1- 
Worker coordinator 2

Worker stations-

If you can do one of these tasks, please post in this thread.
Getting people to help with these tasks makes the entire day run more smooth, experience doing these tasks is good but we are happy to teach anyone willing to try.
Work stations will have multiple drivers at each station, some new and some experienced in shagging cones, and working the radio calling in car #'s when cones are hit and red flag situations, BE ALERT, cars are moving very fast and alot can go wrong very quickly.

Come have fun learning car control on a closed course and learn from one of our sccv auto-x instructors if you need extra driving tips! ... of-vermont

Spread the word. Get your car ready. New comers start asking your know you are curious about something.

Car Guidelines before presenting your car at Tech inspection:

1. Make sure your battery is secured.
2. You need a M or SA 2005 rated helmet or newer. IT MUST HAVE the foil snell sticker. Usually the sticker can be found inside the helmet under the padding somewhere.
3. Car # and class must be displayed on both sides of the car, either on the rear quarter panel, window, or door.
4. If it isn't bolted down inside your car, take it out. 
5. Make sure you have no loose suspension bits(grab each of your four wheels) and shake it in every direction possible, there should be no play. It's easier to check with the wheel jacked in the air.

Update to our requirements: Convertibles are no longer required to have a rollbar to compete in this seasons auto-x series, (except for Caanan auto-x), it's strongly encouraged that your convertible is equipped with rollover protection, but not required!
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