Driving on the lake ** VERY IMPORTANT **

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Driving on the lake ** VERY IMPORTANT **

Post by Rabbit Farmer » Fri Feb 04, 2005 9:09 pm

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Topic: Driving on the lake in the winter & ITT Schedule


Dear SCCV members and friends.

I just wanted to take an opportunity to share with you some recent news items regarding driving on the lake, specifically Mallett's Bay in Colchester, Vermont where we hold our Ice Time Trials (ITT).

TV News, Burlington Free Press and VPR (Radio) all had stories regarding unsafe driving on Mallett's Bay. Examples included a Jeep that rolled, caught on fire, and injured the 5 occupants. Speeding and reckless driving at night with their lights off. And, of course, dangerous driving during the day while people are out there.

Understand that the lake, when frozen, is a state highway. This means that you, as a driver, have the same responsibilities as you would on the public road. You can get a ticket for reckless driving while on the lake. You can also get a DWI.

The speed limit on the lake is 50 mph.

We, the SCCV, have a responsibility to the community in which we enjoy our driving. Do something stupid on the lake and we know about it, you will not be welcome at our events. We need to respect the community in which we hold our events. Their support of our events is important and necessary. Without community support, or at the very least, no issues with the community, we will not have events at any venue.

Now, regarding our ice time trials, which are timed events where there is one car on the track (or section of the track) at a time and he/she is 'racing' against the clock. We hold them every Sunday on Mallett's Bay in Colchester, Vermont. You can get details on the events at www.SCCV.org or the SCCV forums. We have given our schedule to the Colchester Police Department so they know where and when we are holding our organized, insured and controlled events. They do not have a problem with us being out there due to the type of event we are holding.

Drive slowly and carefully out to the event. Be nice.

Here is the schedule for the next ITT's. With everyone's help we will have a successful event. I hope to see everyone there. We have had a GREAT turn out last week and expect the same this week. We have revamped our schedule, event organization, etc. to give you an efficient event with a lot of runs. Max. of 40 cars.


8:30 Setup of parameter... come on down to help.
9:00 Reg is open. Course setup begins.
9:15 Tech inspection starts.
9:55 Announce Driver's Meeting in 5 minutes.
10:00 Registration closes. Driver's Meeting begins.
10:10 Line up for FAM run.
10:15 FAM run begins. No course overlap, all one group.
10:30 First car off, first heat.
1:00 Second heat.
3:30 Complete second heat. Fun Runs begin.
4:00 Wrap it all up, head on over to Friendly's by the interstate. (exit 16)
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