SCCV Ice Time Trials Information (Read This)

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SCCV Ice Time Trials Information (Read This)

Post by Rabbit Farmer » Sun Feb 06, 2005 7:24 am

Read this: Driving on the Lake Letter

Day of Event Schedule:

8:30 Setup of parameter... come on down to help.
9:00 Reg is open. Course setup begins.
9:15 Tech inspection starts.
9:55 Announce Driver's Meeting in 5 minutes.
10:00 Registration closes. Driver's Meeting begins.
10:10 Line up for FAM run.
10:15 FAM run begins. No course overlap, all one group.
10:30 First car off, first heat.
1:00 Second heat.
3:30 Complete second heat. Fun Runs begin.
4:00 Wrap it all up, head on over to Friendly's by the interstate. (exit 16)

Event Info. Here:
- and -

Mallet’s Bay (1st island on the left from the boat access)

Directions here: (click here)

Event Schedule:
Jan 30 Completed (non-points)
Feb 06 Completed (ITT #1)
Feb 13 Cancel due to unsafe ice conditions (ITT #2)
Feb 20 Cancel due to unsafe ice conditions (ITT #3)
Feb 27 Completed (ITT #4)
No event March 06 due to 7PCS
Mar 13 Cancel due to rough ice conditions (ITT #5)
Mar 20 Completed (ITT #6)
Mar 27 <not scheduled, but we will see> (ITT #7)

1- Non-studded Front Drive
2- Non-studded Rear Drive
3- Non-studded 4x4
4- Studs(street) Front Drive
5- Studs(street) Rear Drive
6- Studs(street) 4x4
7-"Super" Studs 2wd
8-"Super" Studs 4x4

Results: Results will be posted on the web site at
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