ITT #4 Feb 17, 2018 Lake Iroquois Gymkhana

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ITT #4 Feb 17, 2018 Lake Iroquois Gymkhana

Post by MX5VT » Fri Feb 02, 2018 6:24 pm

You don't want to miss this one! We are going to hold a special Gymkhana event on ice that will be some of the most fun you'll have behind the wheel. The course will be full of unique features that are based around a Gymkhana style course, including a 360 degree rodeo around a natural island! Charge your cameras and get ready to unleash your inner Ken Block (only while on the course). Lake Iroquois has a good solid layer of white ice on top of it which will give a much larger amount of grip to street tires than there is on Malletts Bay's black ice.

The scoring will also be different for this event. We will take half the total number of runs each person has in the day and pick their top runs to average together for their final time. (Example: 10 total runs in the day, take the top 5 runs and average them).

Location: Lake Iroquois
Ice thickness: 13+"
Access: Main boat ramp
Parking: Straight out on the lake in the paddock area we will have marked out. Please utilize this area and space yourself from other parked vehicles. Please do not park at the boat ramp.

Registration will be available on site and also pre registration will be available on Motorsportreg: ... ont-545776

Club memberships will also be available on site and online for $20. ... ont-724086

Cost for event:
$30 for SCCV members
$40 for non members

Schedule of the day:
Registration/tech (9am-10am)
Drivers meeting (10am-10:15am)
Course fam run (10:15am-10:30am)
Morning runs (10:30am-12pm)
Lunch (12pm-1pm) Costco Pizza will be fresh and available for participants. We ask only for a donation in return
Afternoon runs (1pm-4pm)
Post event drivers meeting (4pm-4:15pm)

Here is the link to everything you need to know about car and tire requirements for the event:

Any questions please ask!
Tim Fournier #612 - Black '97 Miata

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