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SCCV: Mt Philo Hillclimb Info and Organization (2017)

Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 9:19 am
by Rabbit Farmer
New England Hillclimb Association (NEHA)

The Sports Car Club of Vermont ( is pleased to present the Mt. Philo hillclimb in Charlotte, Vermont on October 13-14-15, 2017

Event information and entry form are HERE.

A typical Philo event is to have a lot as we are able to run a continuous loop up and down the hill. Since an event can only be successful because of the hard work and dedication of our volunteers, please bring friends, family, signification others, enemies, etc. to help staff this fun event.

Lunches are included in the entry fee and is free to workers.


Questions should be directed to Steve ( or Chris (

Registrar: Erik (
Pre-Event Worker Coordinator (contact prior to event):Jesse O
At Event Worker Coordinator: Jesse O

Camping info and reservations:
(2017) ... =15&t=1408

Campsite information:


  1. Setup online registration Done
  2. Post in forums and Facebook Done
  3. Insurance Sent to State 9/27 - Done
  4. Special Use Permit (SUP) Mailed on 9/23 - Done
  5. Medical binders (Don Taylor) Done
  6. Wrecker/Tech (Don Taylor) Done
  7. Speedway (Don Taylor) Done
  8. Security for the bottom of the hill from 7AM to whenever $350 for weekend (Steve)(Lane good with weekend) Remind him on Wednesday prior to event) Check provided to Lane Maxfield for $350
  9. Port-o-let P&P Septic 658-6243 Arrive by 2pm on Friday/remove Monday AM. 1 unit at the bottom of the hill. Done... Orianna has e-mail invoice from 10/17
  10. Registration supplies: Arm bands, pens, entries, waivers, cash box, SUP waiver, other paperwork, etc. Done... Steve to print paperwork
  11. Copies of SUP State waiver for each driver to signDone... Steve to print paperwork
  12. Dash Plaques Done
  13. Place Plaques (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd) Done / Michele B is bringing
  14. Clean out trailer and load Philo specific equipment (ladder/bolts, wire, signs, kitty litter, brooms, flags, etc.)Cleaned out 9/24... Chris located/purchased missing equip
  15. Tour this year? Nothing planned
  16. One way signs for hill Done
  17. Ten Signs for trails Done
  18. Print alternate hiking options for security to hand out to visitors Done
  19. Signs for local stores (Mobil, Grant's family store, and the Charlotte & Ferrisburg USPS) Done
  20. Steve and Chris to go to Philo to meet with Ranger and drop off two posters and get combo Done
  21. Local newspapers (Submit to Charlotte News, Addison Independent, Burlington Free Press)Submitted 9/26: BFreePress Done; Addision Done; Charlotte News Pending
  22. KSCC Phones/Radios (Paul M bringing to Philo) Done
  23. KSCC Other Communication Equip and starting light (Paul M bringing to Philo) Done
  24. Pay KSCC equipment rental fee of $50 Orianna.... $50 check provided to Kevin Gale KSCC!
  25. KSCC Verify Timing w/ Kevin Gale (Paul M bringing equip) Done
  26. Food (Robin) Done
  27. Verify Control Person: Who gets the short straw this year? Chris
  28. Checkbook at event to pay NEHA ($2.00 per entry) -
  29. Check PO box for Speedway bill, etc. (and perhaps pay PO Box bill) after the event.xxxx
  30. Request Philo 2018 event from the state immediately after Philo via email AND the new online version at 10/17/2017

Re: SCCV: Mt Philo Hillclimb Info and Organization (2017)

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 7:29 am
by Rabbit Farmer
(1) Reverse traffic on the hill
(2) Hiking Signs
(3) Tape and signs at the bottom of the hill
(4) Information sign on the gate
Equipment: 1 person min.
(a) Caution tape
(b) Hammer
(c) Stakes
(d) Staple gun with staples
(e) Direction signs, event in progress signs, information sign

Hill Clearing
(1) Two people on leaf blowers Friday
(2) Two people on leaf blowers Saturday and Sunday if needed (just in the morning); Kevin B. volunteered to help
Equipment: 2 people min.
(a) Leaf blowers
(b) Fuel

(1) Wire up Friday
(2) Wire down on Sunday
Note: Bring ladder to CP5 on way down the hill when setting up the wire and get it on Sunday when picking it up.
Equipment: 3 people min.
(a) Truck
(b) Wire
(c) Ladder, rope, and bolts for ladder
(d) Wire protector

Corner Signs
(1) All signs on the hill (corner and checkpoint signs) / Friday <--- we need to purchase measuring wheel 2015
(2) Take down all signs on Sunday
Here are the distances: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=4046
Make sure to mark out where the ladder goes for the Equipment people to setup in the correct location.
Equipment: 2 people min
(a) Corner and checkpoint signs
(b) Stakes
(c) Measuring wheel and distance sheet
(d) Hammer
(e) Twist ties

(1) Friday: Put out canopies, brooms, flags, speedy dry, etc. (not the fire ext!)
(2) Setup the ladder at CP5 (Sign people will mark where ladder goes)
(3) Sunday after event: Pick up all equipment and bring to top of the hill; breakdown ladder (bring to top if able, otherwise leave for wire people)
Note: Put out the fire ext Sat morning and Sun morning; pick them up at the end of each day. We do not want people to play with them at night.
Equipment: 1 person min.
(a) Truck
(b) Brooms
(c) Flags
(d) Speedy dry
(e) Canopies

Radios and starting light
(1) Friday: Test all the radios and checkpoint connections
(2) Saturday: Make sure radios are at checkpoints in the morning and tested / setup starting light
(3) Saturday night: Pick up all radios and light
(4) Sunday: Make sure radios are at checkpoints in the morning and tested / setup starting light
(5) Pick up all radios and starting light
Equipment: 2 people min. One to drop off equipment, one to test radios
(a) Radio boxes
(b) Drops
(c) Start light equipment
(d) Finish equipment
(e) Fire ext

(1) Prepare and cook (gas grills) for lunches on both days

Bottom of the hill organization
(1) Friday: Tell P&P where to place port-o-let
(2) Friday: Setup cones at end of parking lot to ensure no one parks past them (this allows the cars to turn around at the end of the lot during the event)
(3) Friday: Make sure trailers are organized in lot as drivers arrive (and not parked on the grass)
(4) Friday: Controlling where hikers/walkers park. Put cones at end of park entrance to communicate that the hill is semi-closed.
(5) Friday: Someone at the gate to ensure that only authorized people drive up the hill. Tell walkers/hikers about the event so they are aware of the park being closed Sat/Sun.
(6) Saturday and Sunday morning: Man the gate until the event is underway (Security should be there at 7:30)
(7) Sunday: Pick up the cones

Re: SCCV: Mt Philo Hillclimb Info and Organization (2017)

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 7:26 pm
by BugEyeRex
We are looking for a Worker Coordinator! The basics of the job are greeting, organizing the workers into the worker stations and keeping track of the handheld radios. It is an important job that requires both Saturday and Sunday commitment. If interested please contact me or Stephen Jones if interested.

Re: SCCV: Mt Philo Hillclimb Info and Organization (2017)

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:57 am
by Rabbit Farmer