Directions to SLMP

SLMP, AIS, NHIS, Limerock, etc.
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Directions to SLMP

Post by Rabbit Farmer » Wed May 25, 2016 6:28 am

Address for SLMP:
300 Mills Road
Morristown, NY

GPS: 44.578920, -75.635015

Google Map Link

Miles at each instruction

0.0 Exit 17 on I-89 North (Milton/Colchester, VT)

25.6 Exit 21 (route 78 west)

36.9 Route 78 to Route 2

49.9 Route 87 (landmark)

56.5 Route 11 and Route 22 split in Mooers, NY (watch signs!) Stay on Route 11 (which is actually a right turn!)

84.2 Route 11 crosses Route 374 (landmark)

97.8 Route 11 to Route 37 west (right turn)

120.4 Shell gas station (landmark)

134.7 Intersection with Main Street: McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Ponderosa

136.4 Route 37 crosses route 56 (landmark)

170.1 Route 37 crosses route 68 (landmark)

180.9 Mobil gas station on your right (landmark)

181.8 Left turn onto High Street (I think I have the name correct)(very small SLMP sign on right before turn)

182.1 Mills Road/SLMP

Note: If you miss the turn for High Street (assuming this is the name) you will find yourself at the intersections of route 22, 37 and 58. Turn around!

(Lankmark) means that I am giving you information along your route but it is NOT an instruction to turn, etc. For example, I mention Route 87 as a landmark.... DON'T get on 87, just continue going straight.
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