Directions to SLMP

SLMP, AIS, NHIS, Limerock, etc.
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Directions to SLMP

Post by Rabbit Farmer » Wed May 25, 2016 6:28 am

Address for SLMP:
300 Mills Road
Morristown, NY

GPS: 44.578920, -75.635015

Google Map Link

Miles at each instruction

0.0 Exit 17 on I-89 North (Milton/Colchester, VT)

25.6 Exit 21 (route 78 west)

36.9 Route 78 to Route 2

49.9 Route 87 (landmark)

56.5 Route 11 and Route 22 split in Mooers, NY (watch signs!) Stay on Route 11 (which is actually a right turn!)

84.2 Route 11 crosses Route 374 (landmark)

97.8 Route 11 to Route 37 west (right turn)

120.4 Shell gas station (landmark)

134.7 Intersection with Main Street: McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Ponderosa

136.4 Route 37 crosses route 56 (landmark)

170.1 Route 37 crosses route 68 (landmark)

180.9 Valero gas station on your right (landmark); you will see Watertown water town on the right in the distance

181.8 Left turn onto High Street (I think I have the name correct)(very small SLMP sign on right before turn)

182.1 Mills Road/SLMP

Note: If you miss the turn for High Street (assuming this is the name) you will find yourself at the intersections of route 22, 37 and 58. Turn around!

(Lankmark) means that I am giving you information along your route but it is NOT an instruction to turn, etc. For example, I mention Route 87 as a landmark.... DON'T get on 87, just continue going straight.
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