(2016) SLMP again this year?

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(2016) SLMP again this year?

Post by Rabbit Farmer » Wed Sep 07, 2016 9:51 pm

Joe (SLMP) called me last night to say that the deal with another party did not go through yet. The deal with the other party would have allowed for new pavement at SLMP; with the new pavement, we would not be able to drive there.

So.... if there is interest and people who want to step up and organize everything associated with this event, we can make it happen.

Naturally, scheduling would be a bear.

Sep 10-11 SCCV AX 09 and 10
Sep 16-18 SCCNH Ascutney hillclimb
Sep 24-25 SCCV and SCCNH at Canaan
Oct 01-02 SCCV AX 11 and 12
Oct 14-16 SCCV Philo hillclimb

That is an event nearly every weekend with the exception of Columbus Day weekend.

After Philo it might be too cold.

Anyway.... that is the information I have.

In other news, I shared the same with Bob C. If he organizes an event at SLMP, it might be an opportunity for youse guys who want to drive to make it out there.

I like the venue. Always had fun at this track.


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