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Post by gtivr4 » Mon Jul 16, 2012 5:23 pm

Does anyone locally (chittenden county) do undercoating? I'm hoping I can get my new (to me) 97 M3 sedan sprayed before it gets exposed to winter for the first time.

Anyone had it done and have any tips for maintaining a rust free underside short of washing it every time you drive it?
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Re: Undercoating?

Post by DaveP189 » Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:02 am

Thompson swears by Waxoil - check out his project thread.
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Post by vtgti » Tue Jul 17, 2012 8:00 am

I believe that the waxoil installer is down near Commerce Ave in South Burlington somewhere.
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Re: Undercoating?

Post by piper.gras » Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:49 am

I've started to do my own undercoating using a product called Fluid Film, http://www.fluid-film.com/.

This past winter was the first year I've used it, but from what I've seen so far it works really well. It also seemed to remove some of the existing rust/scale that was on the frame of my truck.
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