Help a friend with an uninspectable Forester

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Help a friend with an uninspectable Forester

Post by BLACK03GT » Mon May 16, 2016 12:59 pm

Hey all - long time no chat!

I have a friend (and former SCCV autocrosser) who bought a Forester recently that, until he got it home, didn't know was uninspectable due to rust. The suspension components in the rear are one issue, along with rocker panels and a few other things that combined make it not worth fixing according to two different garages.

Now he's stuck with a perfectly running, low mileage red forester that he paid $2000 for and can't drive.

Recommendations? Could anyone use a forester parts car? It's a 2002, manual with 114K with all the bells including a nice huge sunroof, heated seats(cloth), Recent head gasket and water pump. Red in color. He's hard for cash and doesn't know where to go - and I'm trying to convince him not to just junk it for $200 and eat all that cost.
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Re: Help a friend with an uninspectable Forester

Post by sachilles » Tue May 17, 2016 9:14 am

Likely has the same amount of chassis rot as a lot of subies, and if diagnosed as terminal, then most of the suspension is likely not reusable by anyone.
That leaves the motor, transmission, wheels and interior as the only parts of value.
If the headgasket was done, he could probably get 500 for the motor and trans if pulled.
Rims could be sold off if they have decent tires. Condition will dictate value, but I wouldn't expect more than $200.
Interior has some value if it's in good condition, but hardly worth the effort of pulling it to sell it.
He could try offloading the car to a place like the Source in montpelier, or haps in waitsfield as a parts car, but they will be vultures. Surely not offering more than $500 for the whole thing.
There is a vermont subaru for sale group on facebook, he could list it there as a parts car and see if he can get any bites.
However, based on your description, he's likely out some money, he can't afford to lose. It stinks, sorry.
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