2017 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

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Re: 2017 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

Post by MX5VT » Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:48 pm

SCCV meeting notes 7/18:

Attendance: Tim Fournier, Orianna Pecor, Britney Palermo, Jeremy Haas

Thunder Road as possible future venue
– to be continued (Paul out of town and main contact). Club is optimistic of future use. Proposed future event dates either 8/19 or 8/20, or some time in September, pending availability by venue.

Paperless Registration/Tech test
– club would like to entertain idea of running paperless in setup. This will require learning how to export registrations from MSR to AxWare. This would be ideal with a tablet setup for tech and possibly reg as well. (completed using surveys on tablet for tech) Britney will research wifi solutions/external hotspot

Canaan – Events next year to be determined (Jeremy to take point on this; contact is David DelGenio) inc. cost of 1-2 day events and availability.

Insurance - Official guidelines for events have been received from insurance company, to be reviewed at future gatherings.

Autocross - Double event autocross (different morning and afternoon courses) tentatively planned for last autocross date. To be announced. Further course worker education required at next events inc. spacial awareness with on-track vehicles.

Philo - Past notes indicate the payment for Mt. Philo Hillclimb should be due this month.

Trailers - Club needs to determine ownership of trailers/who registered to

Old meeting topics to readdress:

Club needs to begin planning for next year's potential rule changes
Create write-up on how to set up events for the future
Clarify board roles and expectations (club bylaws)
Event cost changes w/ “season pass” options and/or MSR incentives
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