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Re: 2017 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:48 pm
by MX5VT
SCCV meeting notes 7/18:

Attendance: Tim Fournier, Orianna Pecor, Britney Palermo, Jeremy Haas

Thunder Road as possible future venue
– to be continued (Paul out of town and main contact). Club is optimistic of future use. Proposed future event dates either 8/19 or 8/20, or some time in September, pending availability by venue.

Paperless Registration/Tech test
– club would like to entertain idea of running paperless in setup. This will require learning how to export registrations from MSR to AxWare. This would be ideal with a tablet setup for tech and possibly reg as well. (completed using surveys on tablet for tech) Britney will research wifi solutions/external hotspot

Canaan – Events next year to be determined (Jeremy to take point on this; contact is David DelGenio) inc. cost of 1-2 day events and availability.

Insurance - Official guidelines for events have been received from insurance company, to be reviewed at future gatherings.

Autocross - Double event autocross (different morning and afternoon courses) tentatively planned for last autocross date. To be announced. Further course worker education required at next events inc. spacial awareness with on-track vehicles.

Philo - Past notes indicate the payment for Mt. Philo Hillclimb should be due this month.

Trailers - Club needs to determine ownership of trailers/who registered to

Old meeting topics to readdress:

Club needs to begin planning for next year's potential rule changes
Create write-up on how to set up events for the future
Clarify board roles and expectations (club bylaws)
Event cost changes w/ “season pass” options and/or MSR incentives

Re: 2017 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:46 pm
by MX5VT
SCCV meeting notes 8/15:

Attendance: Tim Fournier, Chris Rielly, Erik Reisner, Jeremy Haas, Brittney Palermo, Paul Dudley, Orianna Pecor, Ricky Gratton, Sarah Humburg

Autocross Lines: With higher attendance events, run group lines need to be away from live track (ie not backed up to the point of being exposed to running cars). May need to implement double stacked lines or redirect the route of the run group line if long enough.

Traffic Control changes: [Ideas stage; no current implementation] Traffic control to communicate off courses to drivers as they come off track with a whiteboard or similar instrument. Club can print OC sheets for traffic control to notify cars. Timing will be responsible for communicating OCs to traffic control.

Event flow: Run shorter mornings (5 runs) and reassess afternoon runs depending on time.

Thunder Road: – draft tentative contract for owner. Plan for rollbar rule for TR. Trailer storage? Need to plan for trailer movement to TR- either Jeremy's father, Tim's father, or Orianna may be able to arrange transport. Double points event for TR.

Meetings: Alternative meeting location in Waterbury instead of Localfolk Smokehouse

Misc: Wireless hotspot options researched – Orianna to review

Re: 2017 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 8:42 pm
by MX5VT
SCCV meeting notes 9/19:

Attendance: Tim Fournier, Orianna Pecor, Paul Dudley, Adam Tronsen, George Rooney, Chris Reilly, Steve Jones, Ricky Gratton, Sarah Humburg, Jeremy Haas, Simon Kribstock

Thunder Road:
Registration @ gate. Assign work group and run group while registering, give bracelets.
Trailer -Jonathon to transport to and from event.
Need minimum of 3 on tech – George, Simon, Tim
Jeremy and Paul track design
Paul to direct questions to Chris for any needs/clarifications with TR
Clean up after event!

Series Rules:
Changes in points calculations to be considered for next year:
“King of the Cones” - Points based off of raw placement at each event, averaged over the Summer Season, to be awarded to the consistently highest placing driver. (current points weighted toward class positioning and not raw placements)

Eliminate track/other events (SLMP, Philo or other non-autocross events) from Summer Series (thereby making Summer Series an “autocross only” points series. Tracks and hillclimbs will continue to factor in to yearly points. No current ideas/needs to change Winter Series.

Implement a “drop lowest event” rule to allow some cushion in points competitiveness

Check large trailer for anything needed for Hillclimb from autocross trailer

“Regroup in March” with management to discuss availability of Diamond Run Mall for next year as a venue