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Re: 2017 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:48 pm
by MX5VT
SCCV meeting notes 7/18:

Attendance: Tim Fournier, Orianna Pecor, Britney Palermo, Jeremy Haas

Thunder Road as possible future venue
– to be continued (Paul out of town and main contact). Club is optimistic of future use. Proposed future event dates either 8/19 or 8/20, or some time in September, pending availability by venue.

Paperless Registration/Tech test
– club would like to entertain idea of running paperless in setup. This will require learning how to export registrations from MSR to AxWare. This would be ideal with a tablet setup for tech and possibly reg as well. (completed using surveys on tablet for tech) Britney will research wifi solutions/external hotspot

Canaan – Events next year to be determined (Jeremy to take point on this; contact is David DelGenio) inc. cost of 1-2 day events and availability.

Insurance - Official guidelines for events have been received from insurance company, to be reviewed at future gatherings.

Autocross - Double event autocross (different morning and afternoon courses) tentatively planned for last autocross date. To be announced. Further course worker education required at next events inc. spacial awareness with on-track vehicles.

Philo - Past notes indicate the payment for Mt. Philo Hillclimb should be due this month.

Trailers - Club needs to determine ownership of trailers/who registered to

Old meeting topics to readdress:

Club needs to begin planning for next year's potential rule changes
Create write-up on how to set up events for the future
Clarify board roles and expectations (club bylaws)
Event cost changes w/ “season pass” options and/or MSR incentives

Re: 2017 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:46 pm
by MX5VT
SCCV meeting notes 8/15:

Attendance: Tim Fournier, Chris Rielly, Erik Reisner, Jeremy Haas, Brittney Palermo, Paul Dudley, Orianna Pecor, Ricky Gratton, Sarah Humburg

Autocross Lines: With higher attendance events, run group lines need to be away from live track (ie not backed up to the point of being exposed to running cars). May need to implement double stacked lines or redirect the route of the run group line if long enough.

Traffic Control changes: [Ideas stage; no current implementation] Traffic control to communicate off courses to drivers as they come off track with a whiteboard or similar instrument. Club can print OC sheets for traffic control to notify cars. Timing will be responsible for communicating OCs to traffic control.

Event flow: Run shorter mornings (5 runs) and reassess afternoon runs depending on time.

Thunder Road: – draft tentative contract for owner. Plan for rollbar rule for TR. Trailer storage? Need to plan for trailer movement to TR- either Jeremy's father, Tim's father, or Orianna may be able to arrange transport. Double points event for TR.

Meetings: Alternative meeting location in Waterbury instead of Localfolk Smokehouse

Misc: Wireless hotspot options researched – Orianna to review

Re: 2017 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 8:42 pm
by MX5VT
SCCV meeting notes 9/19:

Attendance: Tim Fournier, Orianna Pecor, Paul Dudley, Adam Tronsen, George Rooney, Chris Reilly, Steve Jones, Ricky Gratton, Sarah Humburg, Jeremy Haas, Simon Kribstock

Thunder Road:
Registration @ gate. Assign work group and run group while registering, give bracelets.
Trailer -Jonathon to transport to and from event.
Need minimum of 3 on tech – George, Simon, Tim
Jeremy and Paul track design
Paul to direct questions to Chris for any needs/clarifications with TR
Clean up after event!

Series Rules:
Changes in points calculations to be considered for next year:
“King of the Cones” - Points based off of raw placement at each event, averaged over the Summer Season, to be awarded to the consistently highest placing driver. (current points weighted toward class positioning and not raw placements)

Eliminate track/other events (SLMP, Philo or other non-autocross events) from Summer Series (thereby making Summer Series an “autocross only” points series. Tracks and hillclimbs will continue to factor in to yearly points. No current ideas/needs to change Winter Series.

Implement a “drop lowest event” rule to allow some cushion in points competitiveness

Check large trailer for anything needed for Hillclimb from autocross trailer

“Regroup in March” with management to discuss availability of Diamond Run Mall for next year as a venue

Re: 2017 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 7:51 pm
by MX5VT
SCCV meeting notes 10/17:

Attendance: Tim Fournier, Orianna Pecor, Chris Rielly, Erik Reisner, Steve Jones, Eric Mongeur, Ashley Baker, Steve Defazio

Autocross locations: Discussed possible location at Ft Ethan Allen (VT Trans); locations in South Burlington considered in Tech Park (iSystems?), but concern for town ordinance regarding car meets – may make autocross difficult/impossible. Possibility of returning to Airborne depending on interest?

Insurance specifics: Minor waiver has not been completed properly – needs both parents' signature. Insurance requires “flat venue” for autocross.

Board votes upcoming/roles: Can do voting as survey w/ membership voting for increased participation (nominations and then voting). At events, Board should manage/facilitate others running the event (train and oversee); more members/regulars should be motivated to “run” aspects of events. Have written up “job” descriptions for different tasks in autocross setup/breakdown so members/regulars can run aspects of the event.

Philo Hillclimb: *most of pre-meeting talk involved informal wrap-up of Philo...* Event successful and in the green! – final numbers unclear at time of meeting.

Re: 2017 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

Posted: Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:54 am
by MX5VT
SCCV meeting notes 11/21:

Attendance: Tim Fournier, Orianna Pecor, Paul Dudley, Eric Mongeur, Ashley Baker, Chris Rielly, Steve Jones, Jeremy Haas, Brittney Palermo, Stephen Dick

Potential Merchandising
Order batch of club shirts for 2018 – some kind of discount for members (unsure of how to go about this logistically at this time). Board will have different shirts to be more identifiable during events (different colors).

Thunder Road 2018 schedule dates, meeting with owner
Paul to meet with owner Chris (Cris?) to secure dates for Thunder Road. Planning tentative events around late April/early May (#1), July (#2), end of Aug (#3). Fixed cost for events already set for next season. We hope to use paddock area for the later events (#2 and #3) depending on paving date and expectation for curing time. Other questions for owner: ability to use bathroom facilities? Earlier entry for club to set up event (not competitor set-up).

Club to look in to insurance add-on/change in coverage – dependent on whether minimum safety equipment for that policy will require emergency services on site as seen at hillclimbs.

Canaan 2018
Paul has been in contact with Dave, track operator/manager for Canaan, who asked if we plan to have an event next year. Paul has not gotten a solid answer on track fee (seems to be a “sliding scale cost”). Last year's event included 72 drivers – this event ran both SCCV and SCCNH simultaneously, contributing to the driver count. That event was offered at our typical autocross rates of $40/$50. This coming year we would like to run ideally 60 drivers. This makes convenient run groups of 20/20/20 with the new three run group method that we will be utilizing. Cost for this event with lower driver count may see a price increase, but will offer a better experience and more track time for drivers as a result of lowered driver cap and more efficient run group methods. Tentative date planning around early June (2nd, 9th, 16th).

Permission letter to owner of Elmore lake access (ITT)
Need a general permission letter from land owner to SCCV allowing for access on to lake. Contact/land owner agreeable to signing a general permission letter for the club.

ITT season, car & tire regulation streamlining
Super Stud tires allowed to include up to 30 studs per linear foot. Commercially available ice tires allowed if adhering to 30 stud/foot rule. All ITTs will be muffled event – intent is to provide quiet event that does not disturb the community. Muffler IS required! Decibel level enforcement: 90 db at 50 feet under load/RPM. Final judgment at the discretion of the event chair. Turndown at exit of exhaust recommended. High performance driving stays on designated course – any driving off of course (paddock, around venue) is to be parking lot speed.

Tim to make ITT website page with information on rules- share to group before making public.

MSR membership options
Verify membership option is OK and then post on facebook group once done.

Re: 2017 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 7:12 pm
by MX5VT
SCCV meeting notes 12/19:

Attendance: Tim Fournier, Orianna Pecor, Paul Dudley, Stephen Dick, Chris Reilly, Eric Mongeur, Steve Jones

Date for banquet: Will plan for either 1/19 or 1/26 (both Fridays) at 7PM. Likely at City Sports Grille unless a quieter venue is discovered. Last year’s banquest was 1/27 for reference.

January board meeting prior to banquet to prep for it.

Trophies: final count and “cycling trophy” count – announce trophies ahead of time to notify

King of the Cones: (raw cumulative position over whole summer season): Paul Dudley
Cone Slayer: Arvin Sandy with 55 cones over 8 events . Average: 6.875. Low: DRMAX3 - 0 cones. High: DRMAX4 - 14 cones.
7 summer season classes: if trophies for all podium positions, 21 needed. If choosing only 1st place for each class, 7 needed. No clear consensus arrived at regarding which direction to go in.

ITT needs:
Scoring: drop worst time and average the rest. Need to run a minimum threshold of times but can run more. Include Paul’s super-stud write-up on the Guide page for ITT? Limit amount of “stucks” (stopped on course due to an off) to prevent holding up event.
Registration will be posted via MotorsportReg and will also use pen-and-paper registration on-site at the event.
Ask Tim's dad to consider plowing for events/ or borrowing tow rig assuming availability of tire chains.

Letter for ITT lake access has been sent but no correspondence back yet.

2018 Board:
Reviewed nominations briefly.

Will need to update board info for 2018, create new membership forum post and meeting minute post. Update forum identification tags and FB group admin status.

Summer 2018
Canaan status? June 9-10 tentatively (on the calendar). Price still up in the air, to be discussed.

TR status? Planning tentative events around late April/early May (#1), July (#2), end of Aug (#3). Paul will call to commit to a rain date for first event should it not be runnable in May.

Alternate meeting location? No news. To be addressed prior to next meeting.
Shirts? East Coast Printers, Ink Factory (Claremont), Antonin Herbert as options. TBD.
Addt'l insurance (hillclimb coverage)? Contacted Drew re: minimum insurance requirements for hillclimb coverage (difference between AX), did not get concrete answer. Orianna will contact insurance company directly.
Fire extinguishers – Replace/recharge two, need them all checked.
Large trailer – dome for top of trailer needed, leakage issue.
$150 available for Philo equipment purchases for next season.