2018 SCCV Board Nominations

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2018 SCCV Board Nominations

Post by MX5VT » Sun Nov 26, 2017 7:30 pm

It's finally the time of year to announce open nominations for the upcoming 2018 SCCV Board elections! We need you to nominate those who you think would best fill the positions on the Board of Directors for 2018.

Below is a list of the positions that are re-elected each year. The position's descriptions have been filled out a bit to give a better picture of the duties, but we have provided a basic overview to capture the essence in a sentence or two. With the exception of the role of President, you do not need prior experience. Everyone is welcome and on the job training is free.

If there is anyone you think of (including yourself!) that could fill any of the positions listed then please utilize the following survey:


A. Nominations are live as of this announcement. Nominations will CLOSE on 12/12 and this survey will expire.
B. A new survey link will be created at the end of day on 12/12 with the valid nominees for the purposes of VOTING.
C. Voting will conclude at our December meeting (12/19).

If you are unable to complete the nomination survey please leave a comment in this forum with your nominations. If unable to complete the voting survey, please message myself or Orianna Pecor (opecor on the forum) with your choices for tallying.

Rules for nominations
1. Nominees for the President position must have prior experience on the Board of Directors.
2. A nominee must receive two nominations to be included on the election ballot.
3. A nominee should be capable of and willing to undertake the majority of the tasks outlined in the job description. It is expected that tasks will be shared amongst the board members as time and capabilities allow.
4. Elected board members must commit to attending the majority of events and club meetings held throughout the 2018 calendar year (circumstances allowing).
5. Nominees will need to accept the nomination prior to voting. Nominees cannot run for more than one position simultaneously. Should a nominee receive sufficient nominations for more than one role, the nominee must choose what position they desire to run for and forfeit running for other positions. Nominees have the right to refuse to be included on the election ballot.

*Awareness of and correction of potentially hazardous situations during events shall be the responsibility of all Board Directors.

Overview: Face of the SCCV. Oversees and directs the club, and delegates tasks to appropriate director/members. Maintains relationships with other clubs and venues.

The President shall preside at and direct all meetings. The President shall determine agenda topics to discuss, and delegate completion of tasks to the Board of Directors as needed. The President shall arrange a calendar of events with the assistance of the Board of Directors, and function as the primary contact for general correspondence with external parties. The President shall be responsible for maintaining relationships with other motorsport organizations and owners.

Overview: Administrative handyman. Acts as back-up for the President, and otherwise completes odds-and-ends tasks that do not fall in the scope of other directors.

The Vice-President shall preside at all meetings. In the event that the President is not present, the Vice-President will perform the duties of President. The Vice-President shall be the secondary contact for general correspondence with external parties in the event that the President is not available, and shall be primarily responsible for the use of electronic correspondence through admin@sccv.org. The Vice-President shall be responsible for administrative duties not otherwise assigned, including but not limited to announcing meetings, publishing club announcements, updating club information, overseeing deadlines and operational logistics, and completing tasks deferred from the President or other directors as needed.

Overview: Record keeper. Records all meeting minutes/votes, processes memberships, tends to club PO box, and refills event paperwork when needed.

The Secretary shall attend all meetings and record the minutes and votes, to be documented in a public forum. In the event the Secretary is unable to attend, the presiding officer will appoint someone to record the minutes. The Secretary shall keep a record of all correspondence of the corporation. The Secretary shall have possession of the mail key and shall collect and send mail on a regular basis. The Secretary shall process membership requests and distribute membership cards through mail or directly at events when applicable. The Secretary shall publicly document and update all standing memberships and corresponding member numbers for the calendar year. The Secretary shall be responsible for ensuring event registration forms, membership forms, and membership cards are available during events.

Overview: Accountant. Maintains all financials and related documentation, and has intimate working knowledge of insurance and liability needs.

The Treasurer shall have custody of all moneys, debts and obligations belonging to the club. The Treasurer shall make payment of all club debts. The Treasurer shall give a report of the financial status of the club at every meeting. The Treasurer shall keep all records of insurance and possess knowledge of insurance regulations/requirements and liability pertaining to event administration. The Treasurer shall have these documents available at all events. The Treasurer shall have possession of a secondary mail key and shall assume all mail responsibilities in the event that the Secretary is unable to do so.

Overview: Networker. Brings club information to external events to generate interest in SCCV. Promotes positive image of SCCV and investigates new venue options.

The Publicity Director shall furnish the local media information concerning all scheduled activities of the club, and shall promote a favorable image of the Sports Car Club of Vermont to the general public. The Publicity Director shall have in their possession at all times business cards, flyers, and contact information to disseminate to the public as needed. The Publicity Director shall attend motorsport related events not otherwise affiliated with the Sports Car Club of Vermont to promote events as appropriate. The Publicity Director shall investigate and pursue dialogue with external parties in pursuit of new event venues when possible. The Publicity Director shall arrange prizes and awards when needed.

Overview: Event Manager. Plans and coordinates efforts prior to events. Possesses intimate understanding of event flow, manages and directs workers during events with event chair.

The Event Coordinator shall arrange and supervise all autocross events, ice trials, and time trials sponsored by the club. The Event Coordinator shall lead event set-up upon arrival and delegate tasks to participants as they arrive, in conjunction with the event chair. The Event Coordinator shall attend the majority of these events and oversee the administration and organization of said events. The Event Coordinator shall function as the primary contact for events, venues, and rules/guidelines relating to events. The Event Coordinator shall keep record of club possessions and oversee transportation to and from events. The Event Coordinator shall lead the Rules Committee with the purpose of determining classes and regulations for all events, and assessing need for adjustment. The Event Coordinator shall maintain and publish a list of approved Technical Inspectors.

Overview: Maintains website and forums with relevant administrative duties.

The Web Master shall update the club website http://www.sccv.org with current schedules, special events, and accurate rules and regulations. The Web Master shall maintain the club forums with administrator and moderator duties, and delegate these permissions to other members as deemed appropriate.

PAST PRESIDENT: The Past President shall give advice and continuity to the board of Directors.
Non-elected position; this is the outgoing president (may go back a few terms)
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