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2018 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:58 pm
by StevieD
Meeting Minutes 1.15.18

Attendance: Paul Dudley, Tim Fornier, Orianna Pecor, Jeremy Haas, Stephen Dick

Happy New Year Everybody! We had our first meeting of the 2018 Year at Zachary's in Waterbury. Similar food, but different vibe (there was a Mona Lisa own the wall)

We discussed Lake Iroquois conditions with the Ice loss and ramp damage. Talks of location change to a thicker Mallets bay, but Insurance details may have to have us wait until the 27th. Also discussed was possibility of Swanton Bay with reports of 18" this Ice there. follow up discussion after research for sure.

The Location of meeting and date change from 3rd Tuesday to 3rd Monday were discussed. Open to suggestions not trying to alienate anyone. Just trying to find the best match and location for all.

2017 Season Banquet this Friday at City Sports Grille in Spare Time, Colchester 1.19.18 at 7PM Come join the Fun! Banquet details are coming together, Trophy's are almost ready, Slide show Pics are appreciated and welcomed.

Insurance concerns around Hill climbs and Track Autocross, Looking for more info and follow up.

Plowing Options for 2018 ITT: Bronco, Mike from Essex, Jeremy's Dad...

Canaan Details about cost and extra activities discussed. Open to suggestions for fun stuff to do that weekend when not on the track. Games, swimming, food and general fun stuff.

Shirts for SCCV were talked about with different color options for board / non board members, still working out details.

Re: 2018 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 7:19 pm
by MaxPower
Thanks for the briefing. Sorry I couldn't make it. I wanted to go, but stuff came up.

--Eric Mongeur #81
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