2017 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

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2017 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

Post by MX5VT » Wed Jan 25, 2017 12:10 am

Meeting Minutes 1/17/17

Attendance: Paul Dudley, Eric Reisner, Orianna Pecor, Cory Pecor, Tim Fournier, Jeremy Haas

Lake Elmore - tentative first official event the weekend after banquet (2/4). Insurance may take time, can get multiple weeks at a time and cancel as needed
Time trials to be on Saturdays? Possible "unofficial practice days" on Sundays (or vice versa)

Spill pillows/spill mats and bucket + shovel needed for all ice/lake events. Club should have surplus for people to purchase in short notice
Ruleset for ice racing should be posted ASAP, mandatory before first event. Have printout for anyone who shows up on event day.
Cars required to be registered, inspected, street legal.
Nothing larger that 1/4" bolts for super stud tires, 1/2" maximum length protruding from top of tread. Club may adopt AMEC bolt density rules. Headlights on while on track.
Ice time trials will have no timing equipment - stopwatch based timing.
Would like to have track further from boat launch, wider track to have more speed.
Club will have to figure out how to get plow to Paul's parents house near Elmore. **unclear if accomplished yet or not at time of posting**


Registration box might be in trailer - unclear. Orianna has radios.
Need business cards for Wolcott/Lake Elmore area to spread interest.

End of year banquet is Friday 1/27.
Trophies are handled at this time - banquet is all set, need to spend $250 total at event. Club will cover some appetizers.

Suggetions for expanding trophy options for upcoming season:
* Most FTD's (come up with better name)
* Rookie of the Year, "Ricky of the Year" (new person who stepped up/put the most effort in)
* some kind of rotating trophy that gets an added component from each recipient (criteria unclear at this time)
* Most improved award
* Cone Slayer award

We should have public rule set ready for next year inc. needed equipment and vehicle specs
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Re: 2017 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

Post by simer » Wed Jan 25, 2017 5:15 am

Lake Elmore, huh? Cool. Maybe that'll attract new people from the area.

How is Iroquois and Mallets Bay lookin?
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Re: 2017 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

Post by opecor » Wed Jan 25, 2017 6:55 am

Confirmed that we aren't able to get insurance for 2/4. I'm getting the ball rolling for 2/11 at Elmore, and for the next few Saturdays after that.

Also, Paul was able to get the plow to the lake and it is residing nearby.
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SCCV Secretary
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Re: 2017 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

Post by MX5VT » Thu Feb 23, 2017 6:37 pm

SCCV meeting notes 2/21:

Attendance: Paul Dudley, Eric Reisner, Orianna Prescott Pecor, Tim Fournier, Jeremy Haas, Brittney Palermo, Chris Reilly

Winter Events:
• Ice not great for next 2 weeks; no SCCV event this coming weekend (2/25, 2/26).
• Possible Elmore event next weekend (either 3/4 or 3/5) but unclear at this time.

Trailers & Storage:
• Swap small and larger trailer contents (use small trailer for autocross events and large trailer for Philo equipment). Storage for small trailer TBD; several available locations. Large trailer to resume storage at Steve’s in place of small trailer.
• Retrofit large trailer for Philo w/ canopy storage and fire extinguisher storage.

Autocross Timing Equipment:
• Current equipment works but needs love. Should repair and save as backup system even if new system is bought. Need to look into cost for reinvesting into current system (cables, potential replacement lights)
• Consider wireless timing system (Farmtech Polaris est. $1074 w/ two timing sets) not including Axware
• Timing software for Farmtech system is within the lights. Lights are somewhat vulnerable, not rain proof. Will need plastic bags to rain proof or a similar solution. New system may not function with our current timing display.
• Cost of replacement lights for both systems in relative parity (~$250 per light for both systems)
• Need to replace laptop. Replacement laptop would need new Axware license. Basic Axware currently is est. $269. Should the club opt to keep old system, would require separate Axware license for wired system (wireless/wired versions are not cross-compatible)
• Need USB to COM cable

1 week decision on timing equipment.

SLMP: May be able to host one SLMP event early in the season before paving occurs w/ new ownership.

Autocross Schedule: Club to swap trailers mid-April. Autocross season to start late April to early May pending conditions. Tentative dates to be decided soon.

Known events to be aware of w/ scheduling:

Okemo 6/17-18
Ascutney 5/20-21
Burke TBD
Mt. Washington 7/6-9
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Re: 2017 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

Post by pdudley42 » Thu Mar 16, 2017 11:22 pm

Autocross schedule is on the agenda, as is the car show at Diamond Run mall, as is our timing system. Come be heard.
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Re: 2017 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

Post by BugEyeRex » Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:01 pm

One to add would be acceptance of the rule changes for NEHA.
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SCCV Secretary
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Re: 2017 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

Post by MX5VT » Tue Mar 21, 2017 11:05 pm

SCCV meeting notes 3/21:

Attendance: Tim Fournier, Orianna Pecor, Ricky Gratton, Simon Kribstock, Tim Wasilewski, Paul Dudley, Seth Achilles, Eric Riesner, Nick Wheelock, Alex Mallory, Chris Reilly, Steve Jones, Brittney Palermo, Jeremy Haas

Tentative Race Schedule: (dates subject to changes pending venue approval):

Diamond Run Mall Car Show - 4/8 to 4/9. 4 spots: Dave Hershey (2 cars), Ed Raymond, Paul Dudley. SCCV banner is at Chris's house. Should have banner, autocross flyers, business cards, and Diamond Run Mall videos for promotional content.
Diamond Run Mall1 Autocross - Sunday April 30
St. Lawrence Motorsports Park1 Track Event - Friday-Sunday May 5-7
Diamond Run Mall2 Autocross - Sunday May 28
Diamond Run Mall3 Autocross - Saturday June 24
Diamond Run Mall4 Autocross - Sunday July 23
Diamond Run Mall5 Autocross - Sunday August 13
Diamond Run Mall6 Autocross - Saturday September 2
Diamond Run Mall7 Autocross - Sunday October 1

Timing Purchase:
• Vote approved for axware basic software package $269 with option to upgrade to Pro at later date at $225 additional cost (opens availability of other functionality modules at add’l cost)
• Vote approved to allocate up to $1200 for new timing lights, with Treasurer’s discretion on best purchase option (within budget constraints) between Farmtech and RaceAmerica options. Estimated costs ~$1074+

• Simon Kribstock nominated, accepted, and voted into PR representative position.
• NEHA proposal to include separate airhorn in car as back-up to car-based horn (at Hillclimb events only) is accepted by club.
• Additional meeting tentative for 3/28 to review and discuss SCCV general rules, autocross rules to publish for upcoming season.
• SCCV classing system will remain utilized for upcoming season with emphasis on consistent tracking of driver’s classing and car #’s throughout season
• New autocross ruleset to include: drivers at autocross will need to initial personal times at end of event to validate points; this will be announced at all driver's meeting.
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SCCV Secretary
SCCV Secretary
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Re: 2017 SCCV Meetings (agenda, attendance, meeting notes)

Post by MX5VT » Thu Apr 20, 2017 5:05 pm

SCCV meeting notes 4/18:

Attendance: Tim Fournier, George Rooney, Ricky Gratton, Erik Reisner, Cory Pecor, Orianna Pecor, Steve Jones, Nick Wheelock, Chris Rielly, Erik Monger, Ashley Baker, Joe Hoyt, Jeremy Haas, Brittney Pallermo, Paul Dudley, Simon Kribstock

Event insurance is secured for all autocrosses and SLMP.

Personal motorsports insurance (coverage that normal insurance will not touch) is available to participants through third party insurers. One example found is Lockton Motorsports (~$290 a year by quick research). Specifics can be found on their website on coverage/limitations.

Autocross 4/30

• Proposition to maintain a “registration first -> tech inspection second” approach to events was passed. Tech inspection will have a separate location with an awning. Participants will now register first, then drive to tech with numbers placed.
• Club will implement a 50/50 Raffle, mentioned at driver’s meeting, lunch, and at conclusion of runs. Raffle will be drawn after clean-up. Payment will be separate from any registration (no combining of event payment and raffle payment). Costs will be: 1 ticket = $1, 3 tickets = $2, 10 tickets = $5, 25 tickets = $10.
• Club will be implementing "no spectator zone" signs for safety purposes (in the works).
• Club will utilize printer for current standings at lunch time and final times at end of day: drivers at autocross will need to initial personal times at end of event to validate points; this will be announced at all driver's meetings. Failure to validate points will result in driver receiving no points for the event toward yearly season points accrual.

SLMP 5/5-5/7

• Needed: brooms, canopies, cones (40), timing, red flags, extinguishers.
• Event itinerary sent and insurance secured.

• Small Trailer Location – Storage options ideally close to Diamond Run Mall. Paul will discuss with mall owners about possible on-site storage (within mall but accessible). If not possible, Paul will discuss with Tyler B about possible storage like last year.
• Club will need to register and inspect small trailer. Fire extinguishers need to be inspected. Need lock for trailer hitch.

Club Purchases

• Proposition to purchase rechargeable 9v batteries for wireless timing lights up to value of ~$50 passed.
• Radios to be considered after first 1-2 events depending on operation of current equipment.
• Yagi antenna (range extender) to be considered after first couple autocrosses to determine if necessary for timing lights. Obtainable from Farmtek directly for $75
• PA system mentioned as a future possibility regarding driver’s meeting and/or timing horn option (no current plan to buy at this time)
• Club needs to keep minimum bank balance to fund Mt. Philo Hillclimb (payment in July) + event insurance.
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